The Summit Station & Roadhouse is your gateway to Donner Summit, the most important square mile in California.*

This is your base for exploring the rich recreational and historical opportunities of Donner Summit.

Summit Station & Roadhouse is a center for the Donner Summit community and gathering place. We have wi-fi, specialty foods, exciting exhibits of the many stories of Donner Summit, general and tourist information, public restroooms, play area, art gallery, great service, and a fun family experience.

Sit by the river with your coffee and cinammon bun, admire the historical displays or the art work, or just relax.






*Why the most important square mile?
Donner Summit is the source of three California rivers: Truckee, American and Yuba. Donner Summit is the Sierra Divide. Rain and snow on the west side flow to the Pacific Ocean. Rain and snow on the east side go to Nevada. Native Americans have been crossing Donner Su mmit for thousands of years leaving behind their petroglyphs and grinding rocks. The first wagon trains to California crossed Donner Summit. The Nation's first transcontinental highway, first transcontinental railroad, first transcontinental telephone line, and the first transcontinental air route (with a station on Donner Summit) crossed Donner Summit. The first transcontinental telegraph line, being lonely, moved to Donner Summit. Today fiber optic cables and a major fuel line cross Donner Summit as does the Intertate highway. Many of the people who made modern California came across Donner Summit. Summit Valley on Donner Summit, is an important rest stop for migrating birds.